DESIGN by Michael SY. Choi
MEG product line:
 - LED light Module
 - Ultimate Li-ion polymer thin film battery 
 - Deep cycle solar battery 
MEG offers you:
The Changing, which Paradigm of Large - scale Solar Power Production.
 Harvesting more energy & creating a controllable solar utility asset through advanced power electronics.
 1. From panel to grid
 2. Challenges facing large-scale solar power plants
 3. Harvest more power by solving real-world challenges
 4. Micro and central inverters future
 5. The catalyst for next generation solar
Count on MEG. We provide practical solutions
We're ready for the revolution in solar marketplace.
We know customers needs and requirements.
1. No accurate information how to apply federal and state government's grant and incentives.
2. No connection financial institute, most customer no front money for installation in the beginning.
3. No government direct support, 100% our customers no idea how to start and get the all necessity paper work.
4. No mind why we have to go green energy, so difficult to get clear information and fact of renewable energy of current and future.  
5. No one knows what real advantage with renewable energy is for them.
We can help your next step how your project pay for itself - and we'll show you how in black and white.
"Green MEG Action Plan FOCUS 101 items"
   MEG’s philosophy on producing green products only!
   MEG’s philosophy is to offer an improved an well being of people utilizing our products.
   We aim for them in receiving a balanced  living. We do so by focusing on the entire clean
   environment they need in their life.
   MEG is USA investment company, MEG’S manufacturing facility a located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China,
   which is only one hour  sailing from Hong Kong.  
   It’s a USA Invested high-tech Company which specializes in R&D, manufacturing.
   MEG’s main business items are crystalline silicon solar cell, module and PV powered products.
   The company has been established under the conditions that the whole world pays more attention to environment
   protection and energy recycling. Developing and using solar energy is the best choice to release the environment and
   energy crisis. So it is guaranteed by complementally capital and great support from local government.
   Existing Main Products:
   1.  Universal Solar Smart Battery Charger – SoleMio, Solis2.
   2.  Super Power Bank – MultiPower, X-Power, Q-Power.
   3.  Solar-Wind Generate Street light – SUNSTREET.
   4.  BIPV – FeatherLight cradle wall deco solar panel, Mosaic wall decorate LED solar panel.
   5. Standard Solar Panel – UES solar module-Ultimate Device for Enhancing Power Generation.
   We’ve already been emphasis on the high startup, high technology and high speed.
   The main products are BIPV solar modules and PV powered products.
   We sold 56MW our solar modules during last 3 years, and we predict production the capacity of solar module 20MW in 2009
   will be 50MW in 2010, and we are preparing for doubling the capacity of solar module in 2012. MEG’s production facility
   located in Japan   and Taiwan; also we produce with our entire OEM partner near around Zhuhai. 
  MEG power begins with smart choice, those choices with you.
   Low cost energy and the environmental impacts of providing those energy resources
   Many geographic locations, big city experience an above average level of air pollution.
   While the city continues to make effects to reduce    pollution through emission reduction
   measures, additional steps must be created and implemented to improve air quality. Electric utility
   greenhouse gas emission targets will meet those jointly developed at our industry community.
   We are paying attention to the importance of talents training, advanced management and technology developing.
   We have good senior   managers and experienced technical specialists in this field, and our target is to become the powerful
   reader of photovoltaic manufacturers all over the world in five years.